Hello from Shane R. Monroe


Android Enthusiast
May 2, 2010
Phoenix, AZ
Hi everyone!

I'm Shane R. Monroe. Huge Android fan - always looking for ways to promote the brand (and take sales away from Apple at the same time).

Anyway, been a long time lurker but hope to get more into the forums ... I really enjoy helping people, sharing tips and tricks - pretty much anything Android related.

I'm also a die hard gamer - past and present - and I don't discriminate too much. I prefer 360 and PC gaming along with my Asus Transformer and Nintendo 3DS for portable gaming.

On the side, I'm a martial arts instructor in Tang Soo Do.

I guess that's about it!
Hey there, Shane, welcome to the AndroidForums!

Thank you for the wonderful introduction and for finally taking the plunge :).

Cheers and have a great New Year!