Hello From Spain

From: Sunny Marbella

My name is Anton; I am a co-founder of PureApp Studio, a very new development company. We have developed our first app and would like to share it with everyone.

As a team we are really exited to join here as we have not really been public too much and we have left all the news and rumors to keep on going, but now we thought it is time to come and meet everyone.

So here we are


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Hello from Cloudy Tennessee and welcome to Android Forums!

You are welcome to open a thread in Application Announcements to tell people about your app, and good luck with it!

Also, it may benefit you to send some time in our Application Development Forum, where fellow coders hang out and get tips, tricks and advice. Always feel free to ask questions.

It's great to have you here :)

Hi The_Chief,

Thank you very much for pointing and granting this out to me (us). I thought I will post a bit of introduction bout us and I am really happy that you suggesting us to post in those section.

This shows a bit to us, that some people like yourself do like our apps idea.

Thank you very much again.