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Hello, from Team Gelato

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by dtalley11, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. dtalley11

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    dtalley11 from Team Gelato saying:

    This is our thread to basically say that we are working on the Optimus Slider. As a team we are always looking for new guys to help us out and we also like to help others.

    Our main goal is getting the cellular radio issue fixed. From there we will proceed to step up to CyanogenMod-10.1/AOKP, but don't be surprised if we make a few kernels and recoveries on the way. If you have a problem or wish to help us out you can drop by #slider-dev channel on the freenode IRC network and we can provide help to get you started. You can also find us on github: teamgelato on github if you wish to spy on what we are doing.

    The team so far (in order of joining):

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  2. sammyz

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  3. Killah1994

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    Welcome aboard and thanks for joining the team, also kudos on your upcoming work on that device , its nice having developers onboard.

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