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Hello, i'm sort of new to android as I've had a Galaxy S Fascinate for around a year now. The kicker is that I worked at a car dealer and we bought a car at auction and found the phone in it. There is no way to return it after all the car had been through and it was not activated. After some searching I learned what it was and how to bypass the activation screen. Over the past year I have been that weird guy with 2 cell phones in my pocket. I use the Galaxy to take photos instead of my old crappy phone the I Bluetooth them over and text them that way, or I just put the on photo bucket. I use the phone daily for everything and am now done with my old contract so I've come here to learn how I can down size my pocket load and carry just one android powered phone with me lol That's my story of why i'm here, but i'm sure after the help I hope to get i'll stick around for a while, i'm sort of a forum nut with dozens of car forums to feed that addiction lol.

BTW the sticks are north central MN & ND I have two homes my apartment and my parents house until I can find a home in this sellers market we have up here to call my own.

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G'day Sheeran, welcome to Android Forums! :hello:

That was a good score, I guess living out in the sticks it might take you a while working out what a smart phone is ;)

You say you've been that weird guy with two phones in his pocket. A number of years ago I used to carry three! Each was on a different carrier, as each carrier had various pricing advantages over the others. So maybe you weren't so weird after all.

We have a Forum for the Samsung Fascinate here: Samsung Fascinate - Android Forums, though I can't find a Galaxy Fascinate, nor can I find a Fascinate S listed. Possibly someone more experienced that I can help with that.

Hope you have a good time in the Forums, don't forget to have a look in The Lounge, which includes a sub-forum called Automotive Talk.



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Interesting, the phone has the check mark and Verizon on top and the rear cover used to say Galaxy S, so that's where I was lead to believe it was a galaxy s fascinate hmmm.


Welcome Sheeran!!!
I understand two phones....you needed one for each house!:)

Oh, and as far as weird...I have both of you beat as I used to carry 5 phones.
I have since downsized to only 3.;):p