Hello from Yorkshire


Hello all.
After being wedded to my iPhone for years I decided on a change and bought an HTC One and am very happy with the move - although I still have my iPad, iMac and Chromebook. Very pleased that managed to sync all the devices for content, contacts etc.
Anyway, main reason I joined is to feedback my solution to the HTC sync manager problem - had this issue for weeks and fixed it today - posted in relevant thread but basically I just turned off auto sync on the HTC one before connecting to HTC sync manager and hey presto it works perfectly!



Endeavor to Persevere :)
Hello Steve! Welcome to AF! :)

Thank you for posting a solution to the difficulty you were experiencing. That fits very well with the spirit of this site, it seems to me, members helping members, and sticking around to have some fun! :)

Thank you for joining!