Hello, I'm Lewis.


Hello, my name is Lewis.

I'm a modder, white hat hacker and have high experience in system security.
I have come to this site to show off my skills, projects and other support I hope to help people with. I have used all major operating systems (Linux, UNIX, OS X, Windows) to some extent or another and can provide support for them.

I have my own security website, securaflow (google it as I cannot post links yet).

I also own 2 Android devices, a Samsung Galaxy 3 and Zenithink ZT-180 slate, both devices I have projects in progress for. I'm porting a full working Linux distro to the slate along with a custom android ROM and I am starting a custom ROM for my samsung.

Sorry for the long intro, I just like people to know of my work :).


Well maybe both of you can be of help to get my phone working as soon as it will let me post anything in the forums