Hello, I'm new.


Hi, I'm Jesslynne and just joined the forum today. I'm not entirely new to Android system, as I've had experience from my Kobo Vox reader being a 2.3 Android system. Though I just got an Android phone as soon as I grew tired of fighting with my blackberry.

So.. I'm here to learn and join the android community. I'm in love with my new Nexus S.

I'm bad at introductions so .. ask and I shall answer any questions.


Hi Jesslynne... :)

Welcome to Android Forums. Thanks for joining the community. We have a specific forum for your device - where you will be able to get tips, info, and interact with other users of the same device.

Here is a link to that area: Nexus S - Android Forums
If you need help navigating the site, feel free to give one of us Guides a shout!


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Thank you Rush Lindsay, I'd already been lurking the forum before I'd even joined. :)

BluRealms: that's a tough one, even with using the vox before actually getting an android phone it is rather curious I don't have a full on favourite. Cause I do so many things with the device.

My favourite time waster is the 250+ solitaire. As a student I really don't have that much time to waste.. but that much solitaire to play on my lag times definitely helps it pass quickly!

I'm really just playing with apps more trying to find apps I like and those that are useful to me.. there's so much out there, it's hard to choose what's best.

I guess my next favourite is Screen filter which made it's way on both my vox and phone, being a person that suffers from eyestrain from too long staring at an LCD it helps wonders so long as I'm not outside in sunlight.