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Hello, let me tell you the tale of my Blackberry's demise

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by rndinit0, May 31, 2010.

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    Hey there everyone,
    Im an IT professional during the day, and a small business owner at night.
    I run Webhosting, VPN servers, TeamSpeak Servers, and I distribute Gaming Peripherals locally. If that isnt enough Im also a twitter addict, my business depends on it. Facebook too.

    When things started ramping up, it was easy to see that my blackberry (touted as the ultimate business phone) just wasnt going to cut it.

    Enter Motorola Milestone. Its fast as hell, can sync both my jobs e-mail accounts(exchange included) and keep them separate (just the way I like it) and its got a hardware keyboard! (I sold my Iphone because when I got down to serious business having a kb is better than a touch screen).

    Finally the milestone now allows me to use my banks crappy online banking application. Something that other mobiles have been unable to do. Very useful when traveling or when creative financial complications rear their ugly heads into your already challenging life.

    I love how the Milestone syncs seamlessly with my facebook/gmail accounts. Its heaven. It has really helped me get my work done on the go.
    But best of all, I no longer need my laptop as often as I used too. In emergencies I can always remote admin my servers via ssh.

    The only bummer is, I dont live in the US, and so the Android Market is not available to me. Which sucks, but I get by.

    Its so nice to know that Android Phones have such a nice community and a kickass forum to go with it. So there you have it.... Hello Android Community ! =)

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