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Hello, let me throw myself out there and see who I stick to.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by FalconFour, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. FalconFour

    FalconFour Member
    Thread Starter

    Alright, let's see here. *deep breath*

    I'm FalconFour.
    • I love F-16s. Despite my appearances I'm not an F-16 pilot, nor a maintainer, nor even in the Air Force, nor do I hardly even know anyone that works on F-16s. I just love them. They're beautiful, and awesome.
    • I also love falcons. Same as with F-16s, hell, I haven't even seen a falcon in person. They're beautiful, and awesome as well.
    • I'm somewhat of a godlike entity when it comes to computer repair and troubleshooting. There's no computer problem I can't fix, or find the solution to, and about 90% of the time tell you why it broke and how. The other 10%, I hit it with a hammer and it starts working, I shrug, count my blessings, and move on.
    • I work mostly with Windows. I made (perhaps compiled and modified, rather) a Boot CD for diagnostics and repair that's free to download. If I need to reformat a computer to solve a problem, I consider that "giving up" (and hence, I rarely do).
    • I enjoy coming back to forums and posting a solution I found, if the forum didn't help (I have about 50/50 luck on forums), so the solution is available to others.
    • I'm starting to get into electronics, starting with Arduino. I've had a bit of a back-burner electronics interest since I was a lil' kid, but never really went anywhere with it, it seemed too complicated. Now that Arduino has blurred the lines between the electronics and the computers driving them, it's a lot easier to write some code that does something, then figure out why the electronics part of it isn't working.
    • On an entirely unrelated note, I ride a Ninja 250 because it's awesome (and it was the only bike I could really afford). Already ate pavement once (immediately-)prior to learning that bikes don't like when brakes are slammed on. All healed up and still riding, now with a protective jacket. Also got a Fiero GT that I drive when I need to carry stuff, because the Ninja has bupkis for storage.
    • I enjoy mostly electronic/dance/club/house/trance/techno/whatever music, of varying styles. Currently obsessed with deadmau5 because he's a geek that made it big, and I kinda look up to that. I almost-kinda-sorta want to get into making music as well, since I listen to music almost all day every day (like right now), and figure I could be pretty good with it. I made a mix-CD, google "falconfour fifth letter of the alphabet" and look for that torrent with like 1 seed and 0 peers, it never really got anywhere, but the cover art is pretty slick. Meh, maybe someday it'll be bigger.
    • I hate Vista. Vista was a bloated pile of crap with so many bugs and core usability problems and system management issues, from both a technical and a user standpoint, it was a total mess. Windows 7 builds on Vista's failures but fixes almost all of the usability problems, as well as some of the core system problems as well. So, because I know staying behind on operating systems hampers technological development, I've run to Windows 7 x64 with open arms. I'm a pro but I use Home Edition because I really don't need any of Pro's features (namely domain join) - plus it came with my laptop and I'm poor.
    • I wouldn't say I'm 100% democrat but I'm totally no republican. I voted for Obama and I think he's done a fine job trying to slowly rebuild our broken country. I hate seeing misinformed Faux News jokesters waving "nobama" signs and calling everything "socialism". If anything, I disagree with the Obama-haters for their outrageous statements and motivations than I do what they're actually saying. They pretty much defeat their own purpose. And in light of that I tend to lean towards the democrat side, because it's fun to sit back and watch the tea-***** and republicans disagree with each other and do "our" work for us. =P
    • On that note, I am so voting Yes on 19. :D

    And I recently bought my first-ever true smartphone, an LG Ally. :D

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  2. Martimus

    Martimus One bite at a time...

    Welcome to the Android Forums!
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  3. G.Armour

    G.Armour You know you want to.

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  4. 0mnipotence

    0mnipotence Newbie

    Yes! Electronic/Trance, etc. is my very favorite music genre. High five!

    And YES! I want to make music too! I can't wait for english version of Hatsune Miku (vocaloid) If you know what that is :3
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  5. Steven58


    Welcome from a rebublican! ;)
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  6. FalconFour

    FalconFour Member
    Thread Starter

    LOLs! Okay, cue the back and forth whining. :D

    *whistles innocently*... *swipes ballot from Steven's desk*... *runs* ;):D

    Thanks to everyone so far! And @0mnipotence... no, not familiar with that, but hey, another electronic-music fan, always nice! :D

    edit: I should take this time to bring up my current issue though... anyone able to help out there? Dunno if anyone would see it today otherwise...
  7. Steven58


    You guys do that a lot (ACORN) ;) :p
  8. FalconFour

    FalconFour Member
    Thread Starter

    Hah! Touche. Actually, not too familiar with that, but party politics can be pretty bloody, although it does baffle my mind why some people choose the opinions they choose... some things people say are akin to "Hmm, would I rather drink Pepsi, Coke, or Gasoline? I'll drink the gasoline, thanks"... totally baffling. Both sides have their flaws though...

    ... although I do have this burning voice in the back of my head screaming bloody murder going "WHYYYY WOULD ANYONE CHOOSE TO BE REPUBLICAN?!!", and the little voice in my head made me post that just now. LOL
  9. Steven58


    So, the voices speak these things to you, do they? ;)

    I can tell I already like you. You're my kinda people! Welcome! Hope you love it here!
  10. tawkon

    tawkon Lurker

    great intro!

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