Hello Moment People-just got mine today


Hi Group,

First, my screen name-Gizmodo. It is a nickname given to me by my grandfather when I was a little kid. I'm 57 now. I am in no way affiliated with Gizmodo publishing. I am a Microsoft trainer.
I had a HERO for one week. Loved the phone! My wife got the Moment when I got my Hero. Frankly, I prefer the sleek body of the Hero to the bulkiness of the Moment. So, why the change? The Hero offered absolutely NO signal in my office. And I use my cell phone almost exclusively when in my office. Then, this morning, my wife could not get me on my Hero during an emergency. So, this afternoon, I took my Hero back to the Sprint store and am now the proud owner of a new Moment. In just the past few hours I have discovered things about the Moment that is quickly winning me over. Never saw cut and paste done so easily! On the downside; I miss the fact that I cannot pinch and resize a browser window like I could on the Hero. My signal is definitely stronger on the Moment overall. And I already knew a lot about it since I spent a # of hours reading this forum for my wife's sake. That said, I just hope Samsung doesn't fail to release Android 2.0 or 2.1 for the Moment. If this phone is half as good as my new Samsung 8500 series flat screen, I will be very happy:D

Gizmeauxdeaux (the cajun French spelling, or as we like to say, the CORRECT spelling;)


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You should have made the right choice and got the moment the first time around. =)
I, personally, was going to make the choice to get the HTC Hero, but I have really big hands, and long fingers that aren't exactly the most precise (pudge FTL). The physical keyboard was a must for me, and the Moment just seemed more attractive to me personally. Looking at it now, I'm still glad I got this over the hero or the Palm Pre.