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Apps Hello world app not saying hello

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by discodowney, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. discodowney

    discodowney Lurker
    Thread Starter

    So im just starting with Android development. Ive set up my environment and im following the Hello world program here: Hello, World | Android Developers.

    But im not getting what it says i should. It says i should get a black screen printing "Hello, Android" with a grey bit on top with the name of the program. But im getting the emulator. So basically what looks like the home page of a phone using Android 2.1, a google search bar, a few app shortcuts, etc. Anyone know what i might be doing wrong. As far as i can tell ive followed the instructions to the letter. Ive looked around the different pages as well and there's nothing on any of them



  2. Muazam

    Muazam Lurker

    Probably the "hello" string.

    Go to res > Values > string
    And you should see a "hello" string. Click on it and change the value to what ever you want it to say. "Hello, World" etc.

    You can also do it without strings.
    Go to res > layout > main.xml
    if you see xml codes, click on the "Graphical Layout" tab.
    All you have to do now is, find the "TextView" component and drag it to your layout.
    Now you'll be able to edit the text to what ever you want.
  3. discodowney

    discodowney Lurker
    Thread Starter

    EDIT: Sorry never mind that post there. But what will that do. Im not getting Hello anywhere, so what will changing the value in the xml do? Also all im testing is that i can get a simple bit of code to run so that fix, whether it works or not, isnt gonna accompish what i want from this test.

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