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Hello world of Android!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by uber_mike, May 15, 2010.

  1. uber_mike

    uber_mike Member
    Thread Starter

    Thought I would just say hi. I'm soon to be an androider. I ordered an HTC Incredible yesterday and I'm waiting to get it. In the meantime I was looking for some info about them and saw that this was about the best looking community I could find.

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  2. Coltknows

    Coltknows Newbie

    Ah! Good choice! Right now, the Droid Incredible (or DInc) is the best Android phone on the market (IMO, THE best). When the Evo comes out, the DInc will still have some advantages (internal storage is 8GB, vs 1GB, Verizon vs Sprint). Also, most neighborhoods won't have 4g, but must pay for it if they own the Evo.

    Welcome to the Android community, bub! What questions do you have?
  3. uber_mike

    uber_mike Member
    Thread Starter


    I was torn between getting just the Moto Droid or waiting to get the Incredible. I wanted a new phone so bad, (I've had 4 replacement env2s in the last 2 years...) but after playing with both for about half an hour (good thing the verizon rep was patient!) I decided to order the Incredible.

    The major points that made me go for the Incredible rather than the Moto were the camera shutter speed, and how the phone felt when I held it. I didn't like at all how the Moto had about a 1/4 second delay after the shutter button was pushed, whereas the Incredible's is almost instant. I also didn't like the bulkiness of the Moto when I was holding it either. The Incredible just seemed to flow with my hands better. Another thing is like you mentioned the 8 GB of onboard memory. I think I read somewhere that apps could only be saved to internal memory and the Moto only had like 250 MB or so available to store stuff. If that's true, its pretty ridiculous to have an apps store with 50k+ apps, but a really limited storage space.

    Off topic... :) One thing I like seeing about the Moto is people rooting it to get more out of it. It takes me back to when I had a Verizon Moto Razr and "hacked" the Alltel user interface onto it. Good times. :p

    Anyway I really can't think of any questions for the time being, I've found pretty much everything I wanted to know by lurking around the board! I'm sure though that once I get my incredible I'll think of some!

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