Hello World!


Hello all,
Just having a scout around the web for decent HTC Desire / Android sites/forums - and this place came up! Already had a bit of a nosey around and read through the Tips & Tricks page :)

I've had my Desire for just over a week now and I am already, as I suspected, head over heels in love with it :D

I'm moving over to Android from my trusty Nokia N95 - I've been waiting for it to die for about a year or so now (had it for over 3), telling myself I can't justify a new phone until it does - but I decided to treat myself in the end :)

I also spent a good deal of time looking into what new phone I wanted, and the Desire just blew me away when I first saw pictures/videos of it - I knew I wanted to have it! Much the same as how I felt when the N95 came out! But I just fancied something a bit more 'swish', and the Desire is certainly that! Can't believe I stuck with my clunky, blocky N95 for so long!!!

Anyway, hopefully be popping back here more and more - looks like a good place, nice and busy! Have fairly prolonged experience of forums so It won't take me long to get settled :)