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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by tehillim, Aug 7, 2010.

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    To avoid being a "lurker," I'm stopping by to say hello. But, since I'm already here, I might ask well task the collective genius in this forum group.

    I purchased the AT&T Captivate on day of release. Since, it has lagged to no end. At times, I can get the smoothness I think it should display by killing apps, but, often, I can get so bogged down, nothing is moving...for minutes. I thought that it was just lots of software remaining in memory, the stuff that doesn't exit properly.

    I've been reading that many have returned their Captivate to get a model that doesn't lag. If this is so, then I guess that is a viable option. I've also read that a factory reset cures ills.

    I'm asking everyone here who'll answer. With a diminishing window on return closing, should I reset, return, or continue to have to "manage" the phone for the best possible use?


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    Hi there!

    Welcome to AF! We hope you enjoy your stay. :)

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