Feb 8, 2011
Just poking around looking for good advice on how to get the most out of my Samsung Moment. New to the smart phones, my first one. :D
Its a Sprint phone and has too much crap pre installed on it and other crap constantly running. Hopefully I can find some good things here to keep me from selling it (or setting it on fire, throwing it threw a window, etc.)
And no, I am too chicken shit to root it!
LOL. Cool nickname!! Welcome. I just signed up a few days ago myself. I have an HTC DROID ERIS, my first smartphone also and I am loving it. I just had a problem as far as removing bookmarks once they were set. Phone is sweet, but I'm already ready for something else. I want a DROID X, for the bigger screen. You sound alot like me. I am horrible with objects that aren't nailed down. If I have a remote control, cordless phone, cell phone in hand when I have a little "tantrum", they get introduces to a floor or wall. Heck, I just bought a new cordless phone day after the Super Bowl LOL. Enjoy yourself here!!!!!
Welcome to the Android Forums!

To get rid of the ever-present bloatware you can root your phone and then freeze the offending apps so that cease to be a problem. The nice thing about freezing the apps instead of deleting them is that you can un-freeze them if you need to download an OTA update to the phone.