I just upgraded my phone (T-Mobile is my carrier) to the MyTouch 4G because of the special sale they had this weekend.

I spend all day Saturday and a portion of sunday getting it configured and now I love my new phone why?

Cause... it's soooo fluffy
Welcome to AF.

If you need any help come down to our MT4G section and post. Let me know if you need anything from rooting, kernel, oc, ect.


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I have gone down to the MT-4G forums and now I am living in there.
I've been reading about how to root and remove my bloatware. Tonight I installed Visionary and rooted my phone (aka Fluffy) and I installed MyBackupRoot, and made a back up. Then purchased and installed RootExplorer. I figure over the next few days I will be moving the bloatware to a back up folder on the SD card.

I also stumbled upon mounting my SD card (I have a Mac and it was NOT mounting) while installing Visionary. It was a bit frustrating but in the end, I am rather proud of myself.

'Cause... it's soooo fluffy :eek:
I suggest you forget about removing boltware and go down to XDA and download Ice Glacier 1.1.6 as you are already rooted just download and install Rom Manager and flash it and then reboot in recovery then install the rom.zip from SDCard. You will thank me in long run as stock ROM is BS and no way compares to superior stock stripped rom like IG1.1.6 if you need any help let me know.