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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Steph1028, Feb 21, 2011.

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    Hi everyone, I'm Stephanie. I'm new to this forum and Android phones entirely. I just switched from a BB Curve to a Samsung Epic yesterday and, honestly, I think I'm missing my old Curve, as much as I hated it before. I'm having so many issues with the Epic and I haven't even had it 24 hours!
    First, I was looking through my pictures and it froze. I had to remove the battery to fix it.
    And, more importantly, the battery sucks! Like, really really sucks. When I got the phone (at 7 pm Sunday), I had about 75% of battery life straight out of the box. About an hour or so later, the battery was almost completely dead, so I plugged it in. I was messing around with the phone (just exploring the new toy...nothing too intensive), and it would not charge.
    I went to bed a little later and left the phone on the charger, expecting a full charge by morning. But no...I woke up to about a 50% charge this morning (after 8-9 hours of charging). I played around on the phone for about 30-45 minutes this morning and now my battery is really low again.
    What is up with this? Am I doing something wrong (as in, are my settings wrong?), or is there something wrong with the phone?
    Thanks everyone! :)


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    Welcome to the Android Forums!

    Sounds to me like you may have gotten a phone with issues. Call your carrier and get them to give you a new phone...

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