Hi, just following the prompt. I'm new to this idea of forum's, never been on one and also modern technology. I have just purchased my first smartphone and am at a loss. A colleague suggested finding a forum so here I am :). I am a nurse and find that many of the options of the smartphone really help support my work but I'm finding it so confusing/frustrating :thinking: that I have felt a group of friends with suggestions might be the way to go. Well I'm off to explore, if I get lost I'll try to start back at the beginning and maybe I'll just manage to get my phone working with the best of Irish luck :D . B


I think you will enjoy Android Forums. We are a friendly lot here and quick to lend a hand. I came here seeking support over a year ago... been very pleased. These forums are laid out with an area for each Android device. For the best support as well as learning the ins and outs of your device, it would be best to seek out your devices sub forum. Here is a link to the list of devices here. Android Phones - Android Forums If you run into any problems negotiating the site please return here and leave us a note.