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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by npc21, Sep 25, 2011.

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    My name is Nicholaus. I am fairly new to the android world, but am enjoying it very much so far. Never thought I would need a "fancy" phone, but didn't think I would ever text either. My wife started out with a Sprint EVO, but after various problems (namely battery life) and lack of customer support :mad: we have switched to AT&T. She was happy with the function of the EVO so she opted to go with the Inspire. Were as the EVO would not last half-day with limited use the Inspire can go from 5am till late afternoon. I myself opted for the Motorola Atrix, the Inspire just seemed a little bulky to me. I have been very happy with it. I do not know how much the dual-core processor helps, but it sounds cool when I tell people about it. I have joined this forum because I am finding out that you can never know enough about these type of phones. I believe this site/forum will help myself and maybe I can help someone else.

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    Welcome to the AndroidForums, Nicholaus!

    Glad to see you here at AF with us and congrats on your new Android phones.

    The Atrix and the Inspire are indeed very nice devices, so you should be pleased with your choices.

    Here are links to your device's home forums (didn't know which Atrix you selected, so here's both links ;)):

    Motorola Atrix 2 - Android Forums

    Motorola Atrix 4G - Android Forums

    HTC Inspire 4G - Android Forums

    Looking forward to your posts and contributions here.

    Cheers and again, welcome!

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