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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by downthemachine, Jan 1, 2012.

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    brand new to the forums and Android. i have boost mobile and i recently switched from my blackberry curve to the Boost Samsung Prevail. my wife has had a prevail since the first day it came out and honestly i never thought i would like Android. But i wanted a touch screen so i bought it anyways, boy was i surprised. one day after i got the phone, i looked into whatever it would take to make this phone better, faster. that when i came apon this site. So 2 days after i got the phone i rooted. changed the phone to what i wanted, and now its a little speed demon! thanks to the help of this forum, i look forward to be an active long time member!

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    Welcome! Android Forum is a friendly place for discussion, learning and help. We love to welcome new members who want to be a part of this community.
    It's nice to have you aboard....Make sure to click the Android-Phones Link in my signature - Or click [B]Here[/B] if your device is a Tablet. From there scroll down to your device model - You can then join your device's area of discussion - where other users will give you help on getting the most out of your device.
    There are a lot of Help, Hints, [url="] & Tricks[/url]

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