My name is loren,

I am an apple iphone 4 user and am looking to try out the android. i have a htc droid incredible that a friend gave to me. the local verizon has wiped the phone and its pretty much useless as its just a thumb drive.
can anyone help me locate a place to get an OS to fix it? i cant figure this out

im looking forward to learning what i can do with an open operating system


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Hey Loren, welcome to AF!

I'd check out in this area, HTC Droid Incredible - Android Forums they might be able to help you. I'm wondering, did verizon just wipe the info from it (like email and contacts) or did they nuke the OS?

I'm wondering if maybe rooting the device might be able to get it into a working condition.

Hope that helps,


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thank you for the info
its in a root loop it goes to the droid symbol says droid and then starts over.
i was told that it has been wiped of the os. it was updated to ics and then wouldnt work anymore they took it to verizon and they wiped it and then gave them a new phone. when i try and do a recovery it fails and it also fails on the factory rest


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Loren, Welcome :ciao: ,we are glad to have you, hope you enjoy the site.