Hellooooooo? It's dead in here.


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Coming from the Huawei Ascend forums, which was always bustling, this is a shock. So everyone tell me what made you choose the MT4GS? I chose it because of the camera, keyboard, and processor. Do you like the looks of it? I personally don't, I like the ones that look more square...but I like the phone over all. So anyone planing to root? I am, I have been reading the xda forums, and they are having problems with getting a stable clockwork recovery, so I am holding off until they get that figured out. Well let's get this place lively! :):cool:


It was the latest and fastest phone speed wise plus 4G at the time of launch plus it had Froyo (GB came out a month later with the Nexus S) and lastly I was up for a renewal of my contract.

Downside - GB came a month after. And a local store had a promo making it free also a month later. :(


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Since your phones are supposed to have the best camera out there, someone should start a thread for posting pics taken with the phone. I would be interested to see what it can do, and how creative you guys are. Just an idea.