Root Hellooowww ^_^

Hi everybody :) I am new to this website and to android, but I'm always happy to learn how to make stuff. I hope we're gonna have fun together :)


That's certainly our wish as well PixelFreak. It's great to have you as a new member. I hope your time here at Android Forums is fun and informative. Thanks for joining the community. Merry Christmas


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Thanks for the warm welcoming :)
I know this isn't the place but can you guys please help me out with this, cuz I received the phone before less than a day and I already "broke" it... I'm really really concerned about it :frown:
Best regards, thanks in advance :) and once again sorry for pointing out my problem


I wish I could help you out PixelFreak. I'm afraid I know nothing about rooting your Acer Liquid E2. :( I did see that you have stated your problem in the correct area to get some help. The members are a bit sparse today so be patient. I hope we can help solve your problem.