Help! 1st touchscreen


So I just got the incredible and I feel like there's a ton of cool features I'm not taking advantage of.. Is swype an option on this phone? Also, verizon talked me into the extra 'hotspot' feature because i need the internet for my computer.. is this necessary, or will my phone put out wi-fi without it?


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The tethering feature on the Incredible gives you the ability to use your phone to provide Internet access to your computer. Without the optional tethering feature your phone won't be able to broadcast a WiFi signal... only receive it!

Now that said, it's possible to tether your phone and computer without Verizon's app. Doing so, however, would likely put you at risk of voiding your phones warranty with Verizon and will put you in violation of Verizon's terms of service if they ever find out.


It is neccessary if you want it to send out wifi. Though if you just hook up threw cord and get a tethering app, it will be free. Have the same phone, its sweet!
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