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Help a noob, 100% awake time question

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Matterof8th, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. Matterof8th

    Matterof8th Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hey all

    So i've been poking around these forums, and keep seeing this talk about awake time/uptime, and it's correlation with battery life.

    I bought mine a week ago:
    firmware 1.5
    build number: 1.56.651.2
    software version: 1.56.651.2

    So to my question, my awake time is always 100%, and it is always the same as 'uptime', but my battery seems to be fine. It will last almost a whole day with moderate usage, and pretty much expected time with heavy usage. Of course i'd LIKE more battery life, so I want to see if I can get the awake time down/managed, and see if it makes a difference.

    I've disabled the native messaging app, i'm using chomp. I dont have any task killers installed. I've got a few other meaningless apps installed, should I uninstall all third party apps i've gotten from market, and see if that makes a difference?

    anyone with advice, or some course of action?

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  2. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice

    There have been reports of certain market apps causing this problem. I have no idea which ones though (I only had it happen once). Try uninstalling them and see if that helps. If it does, then reinstall 1 at a time and see if it reoccurs.
  3. wirelessguy79

    wirelessguy79 Lurker

    I was running 100% all the time and then I noticed after the last Firmware update and removing, Advanced Task Killer, Chomp, and Handcent. The longer the phone runs the lower my awake time is.
  4. manpon07

    manpon07 Newbie

    What is it about Chomp that it's suppose to help battery life compared to the native program?? I just dl'd it and am trying it out.

    I just got my phone on Monday so the battery isn't exactly conditioned yet for me to give any sort of definitive evaluation yet about my battery life.
  5. Matterof8th

    Matterof8th Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So i've uninstalled every market app, powered down the phone, turned it back on, waited a bit...and it is still at 100%, and the awake and uptime are still the same.

    Any other routes to explore?
  6. heimy25

    heimy25 Newbie

    While this answer might suck, from what I've seen and researched, you kinda just have to deal with it and home HTC fixes it at some point.

    With that said, reinstall your apps and use the phone how you want to. Enjoy it, have fun, and wait for the update.

    Thats what I've done. Phone at 100%, but whatever...just don't look at it anymore haha and you'll forget about it.
  7. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice

    Either do a hard reset. Flash it with an old RUU and update the firmware from there. Or, as already mentioned, just deal with it until HTC fixes it.
  8. sikclown

    sikclown Android Expert

    Welcome to my world. You will have to do a Hard Reset to get it to sleep again meaning less than 100% awake. I have done this 7 times and everytime my phone ends up back to 100% awake time after around 32 hours so I have kind of just given up
  9. Mauddib

    Mauddib Member

    So I had the problem of not sleeping and had planned on not dealing with it. I never noticed a problem with battery life. I decided to root my phone on Monday and after a snag or too I got it to work but during the process I accidentally hard reset my Hero. I installed everything on my phone that I had before except for Locale and Handcent as well as I only have one email account setup through HTC mail app. But since then my phone has been sleeping. We will see what happens. Good luck.
  10. sikclown

    sikclown Android Expert

    I hope it sticks for you but my phone sleeps after every Hard Reset but eventually "breaks" after 32-56 hours. All 7 times
  11. Spunkzz

    Spunkzz Newbie

    i also get this problem also. longest i've gone with my phone sleeping was probably 90 hours or so. then it steadily climbed to 100%.
  12. Ever since the update my awake time has sat at 28% and it has 99:40 with the seconds running and my up time is 351:45 and going

    I'm tempted to cut my phone off and on just out of curiosity but its goin so well I don't want to rock the boat

    Also I read everywhere how task manager is bad I use it still and I have no Issuses I open it close some items I'm done with then close the manager it self and I'm good to go perhaps with out task manager my awake time would be lower
  13. sikclown

    sikclown Android Expert

    After alot of trial and error I decided to bite the bullet and do an in store exchange since I was within the 30 days. the Manufacture date on the unit is 24/11/2009 and it came with the updated firmware already installed. I have only had it for two hours and installed everything I had on the first one so let the experimentation begin hahaha. I will keep everyone informed to see if this one goes back to the 100% Awake. Also the guy at the store had me change my Mobile Network Roaming to Sprint Only
  14. ggoldfingerd

    ggoldfingerd Newbie

    Yes, please let us know. Since only some people are having this issue after the MR update, I am guessing that it could be related the a certain build date.
  15. Mauddib

    Mauddib Member


    I rooted my phone on Monday and it has been sleeping every since. Right now it is sitting at 9%. I know this doesn't help but like I said there were three things that are different.

    - Rooted my Hero
    - Have only one email account setup in the HTC Hero mail app
    - Didn't download Handcent, Locale or Facebook

    I also will say that I bought this phone the day it rolled out so I don't see it as being a build issue. I also thought my battery life was good before but today I didn't remember to turn off the mobile connection and the battery is amazing after 12 hours. Granted very little use but we are talking over 95% when it would usually be under 70% if not more. This is due to bad signal strength. I will see what happens and I hope this helps someone out there.
  16. Blaznlow

    Blaznlow Newbie

    i know this is a stupid question... but where do you find the build date?
  17. sikclown

    sikclown Android Expert

    You can find the build date by opening your Dialer and typing ##786# and then wait. A new screen will load with various info.
    Update on my new phone. I downloaded and installed Pandora, Last FM, Facebook, MySpace, Chess, Google Voice, Flixter Movies, Shazam, and ShopSavvy. At around 3 hours uptime my new phone no longer slept. Uggh. I let my battery get close to dead and then did a Hard Reset and then put my phone on the charger. I did the basic setup with Gmail account and signing into Facebook and Twitter but have not installed any apps at all and after 13:56:11 Up time I have an Awake time of 1:05:46 (8%) and 50% of my battery left. I am scared to install anything haha.
  18. Same problem here too. Got my phone 4 days ago. Updated as soon as i turned it on. Slept fine for 2 days, then it wouldn't sleep yesterday.. and has continued to not sleep today.

    I only have several apps installed

    ASTRO, Bloo, Advanced Calculator, ConnectBot, DaraIRC, LED Scroller, Pandora, Note Pad, and System Monitor

    I'm kinda thinking it might be ASTRO doing it, because it has that built in process manager. No idea though.

    Also, I have one email hooked into the gmail app.

    Any help would be nice.
  19. sikclown

    sikclown Android Expert

    I don't know about Astro but the only similar app I see with what you have and what I have when my phone goes to 100% awake is Pandora. hmm
  20. sikclown

    sikclown Android Expert

    Update: I have downloaded no apps and used my phone only as intended stock and I am now back to my phone not sleeping. This is my second phone and I AM now just going to deal with it. Those of you not having the issue I Say great but I Can't even begin to understand why certain phones have issues and certain ones don't. Again I installed nothing and near as I can tell it stopped sleeping around 19 hours Up Time. The only thing that happened around that time is I set the alarm to go off. Actually doing the math that is exactly when it stopped sleeping hmmmm
  21. Tomjh99

    Tomjh99 Newbie

    So I read just about every post, and perhaps I missed something, but what does Awake Time really mean ? Sorry, I'm a noob to Android devices.
  22. bidda

    bidda Lurker

    I powered my phone down, took the battery out and then rebooted. It dropped my awake time down to about 23%

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