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help adding driver to kernal [Root only]

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by isdap technology, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. isdap technology

    Thread Starter

    Hi guys
    I am new to android and i need some help. Apologies if i have posted this in the wrong place.

    I manufacture and supply large touch screens to special needs schools and in the past i have used multitouch overlays that came with a mini pc android called istick by PQ Labs that were coded to work as multi touch. now i have changed touch panel product i need an android pc to work with it.
    I am thinking of using a MK809iv and the company that supplies the overlay has sent me the mods that need to be made to the kernel but i have no idea how to do this.
    Here is what they sent me.

    Transplanting under Android4.0 For IRMT Multi Touch Frame Driver V1.1
    The following method is suitable for the kernel which above Linux 3.0, we take an example of Kernel 3.08.
    1. Add manufacturer ID and Device ID in the 352st line of

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