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Hello everyone,

I'm currently using a Samsung Galaxy S4 with a 34gb sd card. I'm not super tech savvy, but I'm also not illiterate. I have a few of downloaded albums from torrents, and I added them with no problems. However, when I tried to delete an album it keeps coming back. It won't even play the audio anymore and I'm thinking I may have downloaded a virus.

I also can't add any other files. Every time I try I get a message saying the file does not exist or that it is being used by another program, but every other program is closed. I'm beginning to think my SD card has been corrupted. What do you guys think? If so, is there any way to fix it? Is my phone also corrupted? I haven't added any files to the phone storage itself.

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I think you should get your music from legitimate sources and you would minimize issues like this.

Try running a disk check on the card through a card reader and see if windows finds any problems

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Not really much we can do to assist if you're downloading via torrents, sorry. As argedion has pointed out. Use legitimate sources to minimise issues like this in future.

I'll close this thread, if you've any issues with that, please drop me a PM.
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