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Help! Airplane Mode turns on by itself!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by melonfan74, May 30, 2011.

  1. melonfan74

    melonfan74 Lurker
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    Hi! I just started having problems today with this. I was on a call & got disconnected. Looked at my phone & the airplane icon was on top??? I never turned this on. Went to settings & turned it off & tried to make phone call again. Disconnected again & the little airplane icon was on again.
    I powered off & on about 5 times. Powered down again & took battery out.
    I looked thru the little book that came w/ my phone, but there was nothing in it to help me.
    Someone PLEASE help! I and, please don't say that I have to do a factory reset & lose all of my ringtones, etc. :(

  2. Steven58


    Your phone is still under warranty. Call Alltel. Perhaps they'll replace it for you if they can't fix it. They may have you do a factory data reset before to see if that fixes it or they may just replace it.
  3. trickyrickxx

    trickyrickxx Lurker

    Hi i have my first andriod phone and love it apart from the fact if randomly switchs itself to airplane mode and it is really starting to get on my wick . I have the samsung galaxy nexus if anyone could help i would be very happy thanks rick
  4. trickyrickxx

    trickyrickxx Lurker

    Thanks but my phone no longer does this seems to take itself out of airplane mode as quick as it goes into it lol

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