[help] Anxious, a little bit shaken...


I don't know what I am feeling right now but I think I feel a little bit anxious. So I am game developer, not a very experience one. Since this is my first job. I was asked by a colleague to benchmark a test, it contains 3 questions. He asked me if I could figure out how much time it took me to solve it. As I looked at the exam I don't even have to figure it out as I think it would take each one an hour for each which is very usual. The exam is meant for 1st phase in the hiring process in the company (I think it has changed for some reason).

I am so embarrassed, after more than 3 hours. I have answered nothing. It took me awhile to find the answer to some. I am so dumbfounded. I never though I was this stupid! It is logical questions all. Like some sort of programming questions you would find on some contest, like some people with 150+ IQ. I believe I really suck on those kind of questions. I really do bad at them. He returned back and ask how I was doing so far and I was brave and honest to tell him I wasn't able to answer anything and I believe that it would take all for 3 hours. I was scorned afterwards like 'Oh c'mon'. I am like a turtle hiding in a shell after that. I am anxious, awhile ago I felt my chest is exploding for some reason. I don't feel good at all.

Is it normal? Is it normal to not know such things especially in your field. How did you handle it? I just said I don't know how. I just don't know. Heck I can code, I believe I can write some stuff just fine and got the position in the first place but I felt I misplaced myself a bit from where I am now as I did not answer those question which I believe is easy for him. Definitely I am on the noob list.

I think I am not just really good at programming at all. Despite the fact doing it as a hobby since I was a teen. I don't know. I just had doubts in myself. I am not a very smart person when it comes to numeric and all that.

Thank you for listening.

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Don't worry, I think most people have had interviews they would rather forget. The thing is that there's no 'standard' interview, so while this one was an aptitude style test, other places have a different approach.
I'm not a great fan of on-the-spot tests like this. I think there is far too much pressure in an interview anyway, and the candidate should be made to feel relaxed. I'm more interested in attitude, rather than ability to do artificial tests.
Very bad form for the interviewer to deride your efforts, I think.

I would say don't feel too bad, and chalk it down to experience. There's a lot you can do to prepare for interviews, and it's the kind of thing you get better at, the more you do it.
In my experience there is just as much pressure on the interviewer, and also from my experience, I think that most interviewers don't know what they're doing, or what they're looking for in a candidate.


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1st... breath... relax... go to your happy place (in your head).

Logical questions .. are hard for most people. it forces you to think outside the normal thought process.
consider problems in different directions.. and are very tricky. But there are correct answers.

they have nothing to do with your ability to do.. programming.
they do help show a person's ability to solve complicated problems... develop plans to work around issues.

separate good programmer from ... developer/analysts.
people that can see the whole picture .. and issues.. and solutions.