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Ive had an HTC Desire now for 18 mths which was my first smart phone and have been very happy with it. I have just changed to a Sensation XE, I backed up(or thought I had) my Desire to the SD card before transferring it to the Sensation. Things like contacts have ported across and via my google account my paid apps have come accross, but the thing Im stuck with is silly things like game progress on some of the free apps like Angry Birds or Smurf Village. Is there a way to do it or am I destined to start them all again from the beginning?

As always thanks in advance.


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You could try putting the SD card back into your Desire, moving Angry Birds to SD card, then put the SD card back into the Sensation and moving Angry Birds to the phone. I'm not sure if that'll work, though.


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Thanks chanchan05,
I was afraid that might be the case as neither are rooted, but hoped somebody could suggest an alternative way.


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bad news:
you have to start over...

good news:
you have 18 months to finish it!!! till your next upgrade. :p