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HELP: Battery Life DRAINING on DL30 SuperClean

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by neotrixy, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. neotrixy

    neotrixy Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Hi all,

    I'm on DL30 superclean and I have my screen brightness turned up, 3g on, playing a hulu video through the hulu.apk, and my battery is literally dropping at 1% per minute or more. So after a full charge, I watched a 25 minute hulu episode and my battery was literally at 68% (down from 100% a mere 25 minutes before). Has anyone else experienced this degree of battery drain or am I the only one? I understand that the amount of 3g data transfer a full ep video is using as well as the processor power that decoding a video of this res requires a good amount of battery power, but is this really the amount it normally needs?

    I can watch a pre-transferred movie on my SD card via the act1 video app and it drains no where near this amount of juice. I mean a full 1.5 hour full screen movie encoded in mp4 takes maybe 20-25%.

    Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated!

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  2. skipster

    skipster Member

    I too am on DL30 Superclean 1.0 with the DJ05 radio. My battery lasts at best 8 hours, more like 6 hours. Previously, it went 12-14 easily. Definitely looking for a cause/cure.
  3. PSkeptic

    PSkeptic Android Expert

    It's most likely the leaked ROM running with the wrong radio. I think we'll just have to deal until the radio gets leaked too.
  4. seanatsb

    seanatsb Well-Known Member

    Here's something that might work that I read in another link, forget where. I had copied the directions down in a Word file with all my fascinate tips that I read. Apologies to the source for not citing them.

    [FONT=&quot]Charge the phone to full, (leave it on charger overnight just to be sure if need be), reboot into recovery, get to clockwork recovery,[/FONT][FONT=&quot] in "advanced" select [/FONT][FONT=&quot] "reset battery stats", reboot, run it off charger until it totally dead, problem fixed.[/FONT]

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