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HELP!!! - Battery Life Is Terrible?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by WyntersEnd, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. WyntersEnd

    WyntersEnd Member
    Thread Starter

    First off, I read these forums like every day for 2 months (nearly drove my wife insane!) leading up to the release of the X. Stood in line and bought one in the store on the 15th. Had nothing but iPhones until now - loving my DroidX!!


    As of right now my battery is down to 60% after having been unplugged (when I unplugged I was at 100%) for 1hr 46m 9s!

    It shows display at 93% and cell standby at 7%.

    I'm running smart battery mode, auto screen brightness, not that many widgets, and I rooted it and have autokiller running on Aggressive.

    Do I just have a bad battery? And if so will Verizon (or Moto) give me a new one??


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  2. 10splaya22

    10splaya22 Android Enthusiast

    Give it a couple days. My battery life got better after a little while. Plus with a display usage at 93% you are obviously using it a lot.
  3. ghdtpdna

    ghdtpdna Android Enthusiast

    Get rid of task killer and see what happens.
    Also, how long does it last daily?
  4. gtmike

    gtmike Newbie

    There's a thread about it in the support subforum. Toggle or turn off gps after an app uses it. There's a software bug that prevents the phone from sleeping after the gps is used by an app.
  5. 5murphy7

    5murphy7 Newbie

    Don't use auto brightness and don't use task killer. You are having your phone kill apps that will just be restarted. The phone has a built in app killer when a certain app hasn't been used. I've gotten up to 17+ hours of use. I also have an app called JuiceDefender that works great.
  6. draconius

    draconius Well-Known Member

    What settings do you have??? Just downloaded it, but would like to know your settings.
  7. Stealthman

    Stealthman Android Enthusiast

    I was in the same boat, I did several things that have given me great battery life. First thing is turn off auto brightness, set it to the minimum now if you still want to enjoy the beautiful screen at full brightness once in a while install a widget for brightness (i did from beautiful widgets) on the home screen and you can just tap it to get full brightness and tap it again to go back to minimum.

    Also check which social networking widgets are constantly running and close those down, use them when you need them.

    Lastly the ATK helped my battery life tremendously as compared to not using one.

    BLK MAJK Well-Known Member

    I agree on all points except ATK. I have a cpu monitoring app and when I installed ATK it used 3-5% cpu all of the time. In 12 hours it had used an equivalent of 100% cpu for 23 minutes. I still have a way to kill tasks if I want to (almost never do), but I never run an auto-killer. I can go about 17 hours with moderate usage and still have 50% battery life left. :)

    oh, and to the OP....you said that you read the forums every day and you never once saw the 10000000000000000000 threads about battery life? Not trying to sound like a jerk, but I swear there are 3 new threads a day about battery life and they all ask the same question and all get the same answer. Definitely look into the gps bug as mentioned above, it will hurt your battery life something awful
  9. thehaggis

    thehaggis Newbie

    While you are checking all the above, check your battery voltage, it should be roughly between 3 and 4v, anything over 5 would flag it as a bad battery. Most battery apps will tell you the voltage.

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