HELP!!!! BEHOLD 2 messing up?


i just got my behold 2 not even 2 hrs ago, turned it off once and now turned it back on and its been on the android screen for the past 10 mins!!! this is the second time i did it and both times the same thing. i had to take the bat out to turn it off... anybody know whats going on?

thanks in advance!

it looks like the android image keeps refreshing every few seconds like its a glitch or something..


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Restore it to factory.

- Power off
- Hold down volume down + call + power

When on the recovery screen, press home to restore.


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Same thing happen to me yesterday morning messed my whole day up because i wasnt able to fix it till pass midnight. Just make sure that the battery has a charge and when you hold the buttons do volume down, call send call end in sequence.