Help [HELP]Big problem with SD Card


Guys. need some help here. I had some SD Card problem tonight totally out of blue.

Here is what happened. my evo was sleeping during last few hours, I tried to turn on screen by hit the power button mins ago. All buttons are lighted, but not screen. I was out of ideas but took off the battery, and reboot the evo. After reboot, there was one icon on the notification bar, "you can safely remove your sd card", I felt so strange, also, I cannot find lots of apps in the menu. I started to worry either my evo or the sd card itself.

So I had another sdcard installed into evo. Fortunately, I can mount it with usb cable, also save/delete files on that sd card. So I believe it's my original 8gb sd card problem. I m thinking to fix it by formating or so. So, by adaptor, i connected it to my pc(win7), the bad thing is my system cannot recognize the sd card, there is even no new drive showing up(i did test on another sd card, when i hooked it up with the same adaptor, new drive popping up in the my computer).

okay, guys, is there any one met such situation before? any way to diagnose and fix the issue? I do really appreciate.


I'm still trying to figure this one out. I would get from time to time and would lost any info on my card and now my card is not readable by any thing. I'm not to happy cause it was a 32Gig card.

Mr. Ed

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it sounds like card failure. have you tried the faulty card again...or in a nother device... reformat and try again?