Android Question

Hi guys, i've been searching the internet with no avail, so now i hope you guys can help me out.
I'm a surgical resident. So i got two questions, i really hope someone can help me out.

First problem: As some of you might know, residents frequently need to do presentation on various places, and i found that holding a microphone gets old really quick. I also believe in using my devices to the limit and beyond. I currently own a Plantronics edge bluetooth headset and a G3 phone.
so what I need is a way to use my bluetooth headset as a wireless microphone. In essence, what i need is to use the voice input on my bluetooth, transmit it to the phone, process it (if i want to) and output the result on real time to the 3.5 microphone jack, which i will connect to whatever sound system the room provides. Some apps I tried does the first part well enough, but unfortunately it transmits the output back to the bluetooth headset, and has no option to redirect it to the microphone jack. Can anyone help please?

Second question : i frequently need to take and make phone calls during surgery or during patient physical examination. Before you admonish me on the ethical responsibilities and such, let me say first that such thing is not banned here (third world country) because of the very high work demand and the very limited workforce. Now, as you can imagine , this requires me to make phone calls without touching my phone or my headset. Taking calls is easy enough using voice command enabled bluetooth headset, but making calls is a big problem. Can anyone recommend a good way to make the bluetooth headset phone 'listen' for keywords and voice dial my contacts selected numbers without me (or others) ever touching the phone or headset? Many thanks!