Help Help! Bluetooth / sound issue

So this is some bizarre s**t. It started last week while making a call while connected via bluetooth to my cars audio system.

Half way through the call, the sound just went to the speaker of the phone. I didn't think much of it and just ended the call. The next day when I got into my car, the bluetooth connectivity seemed Ok for making phone calls. However, when I tried to play music over the bluetooth to the cars audio system, the sound came from the phones front speaker (the speaker used for phone calls) very strange.

I tried disconnecting and reconnecting.. Same s**t. So after being completely disconnected from the car, the sound, all audio, music, notifications ect continued to come from the front speaker of the phone. It wasn't until I rebooted the phone would the sound resume to normal. Thinking it was fixed, I reattemped to connect to my vehicle. The phone went back into the same s**t! Again requiring a reboot to resume to normal.

I've tried another car to eliminate a vehicle issue and have also connected another phone to my vehicle without issue. Further to that, connecting to my wireless sound device (bose soundlink) throws my phone into the same state. I have found that if I just let it play, eventually it will connect, however this sometimes takes 10 minutes!

The fact that a reboot reverts it to normal behavior makes me think that I have a software issue.. Just can't figure it out. I've tried stopping running applications, messing with all kinds of audio setting, erasing the bluetooth device list. The only thing consistent is rebooting.

Someone help please!


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Do you have automatic updates enabled and did you receive the recent one? If so, add another bug to the list. (I haven't seen exactly this one before, but the details may depend on the particular car system. I've seen some strange effects when a recently updated S3 was used with a car BT.)


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Thanks for replying. Ok, so had the issue before the update. Actually, I was excited when I saw there was an update available thinking that it would solve my issue.. I was wrong. I do have updates set to automatic. Should I not?

My phone worked flawlessly with my car up until last week. Thinking along the same lines as you, I tried connecting to another car with the same problem as well as to my home audio device (bose soundlink). So far any bluetooth audio connection results in music playing from the front speaker of the phone.

I forgot to mention in my OP, that when I try playing music from my Samsung music player, I get the message 'unable to play music while in a phone call' or something like that. So it appears that it thinks it's in a phone call when I'm not. However, I can play songs through Google play or TuneIn Radio, just that the music plays from the phone front and not the desired BT device. '


somewhat related to my issue:

Can I listen to an audiobook on my Note 2 cel through my car radio by bluetooth while driving?
(I hooked the cel up by wire but the book would not play through the car speakers like the cel does when it plays an incoming call through bluetooth.)

answer: Hello. If your audio is in mp3 format or you have a player that will play it's format, it should certainly stream to your auto if your car's audio is capable of BT connections.

new: My cel is paired and connected to my radio bluetooth, and incoming calls play on the car radio bluetooth connection fine. But when I tried to play an audio book mp3 file, it did not play through bluetooth. I then hooked an audio jack from radio to cel but the book still did not play. Previously I had played my Iphone audiobooks through an audio jack hookup OK.

So far, nobody has helped.