Dec 19, 2013
Can you guys help i have bricked my HTC desire c. I have tried to flash boot.img and recovery.img but it just goes back into the recovery screen with the red triangle over the phone. I have no CWM it started when i tried to clear the phone when i was installing a custom rom. I cannot get cwmhave ttried to flash boot.img and recovery.img using cmd but nothing seems to work. PLZ HELP and ty in advance! =(
How did you try to flash recovery? It should be done with the phone in fastboot mode, then

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

(where I assume you have a recovery image file and it's called "recovery.img").

If you have fastboot working, a valid recovery for your phone (must be one built for the Desire C - big trouble otherwise) and the command still won't work it might be time to find a ROM Update Utility, reset the phone back to stock, unrooted software, and start again from scratch.

Don't worry, this is fixable. Can't do more than these general pointers as have to go offline soon. Hopefully someone else can fill in gaps if needed.
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I flashed it using the cmd prompt can u plz help im desperate lol when i boot up my phone normally its goes into the recovery mode with the red triangle any tips?
It's best if you can provide as complete a description as possible of what you've done. For example, there are many things you can do with a command prompt (the fastboot commands I gave previously are one example) so just saying that you used the command prompt actually doesn't tell us what you did.

So, let's start at the beginning. Can you tell us what it says on the bootloader screen? The thing I'm most interested in is whether it says "GolfU" or "GolfC", because that will tell us what sort of Desire C you have, but other stuff like hboot version is also useful to know. And does it say "unlocked" at the top?

(When I say "what sort of Desire C", there are GSM and CDMA models, and the software for one won't work on the other, so it's best to check. Most of the world only uses GSM, but I don't know where you are from, and North America uses both.)

If you were trying to load a ROM I assume that the bootloader is unlocked, because you won't be able to do much if not. But you still have the stock recovery, which makes me wonder, since usually the first thing you do is install a custom recovery. So that is one possible approach: install a custom recovery image, which will then let you make backups, flash ROMs, etc. That's what the fastboot command above does (and I assume that you have installed fastboot if you've unlocked the bootloader). I could find a custom recovery image if you don't have one, but need to know whether the phone is GSM or CDMA first, since installing the wrong one will make things much worse.

If you install a custom recovery you can then copy a ROM .zip to the SD card, wipe the phone and install the ROM zip. I think you may have to fastboot flash a kernel (boot.img) separately on this phone, but presumably any ROM thread will include a link for that (different ROMs will require different kernels). The "may" is because I don't own a Desire C and have never had to worry about kernel flashing (my phone is S-Off, but that's not available for the Desire C), so a little outside my expertise there.

The other option is a ROM Update Utility, to reset the phone back to stock. These however check the "customer id" (cid), and only run if your phone has the correct branding and region (so e.g. an RUU intended for an unbranded World Wide English handset won't run on an O2 UK handset). So before we can find the right one of these for your phone we'd need to know whether it was bought through a network, and if so which, and possibly which country you bought it in. The HBOOT version and baseband (radio) version would also help, since you can't downgrade using an RUU. Given that I'd hope we could find one of these which would work for your phone. This would certainly let you get the phone working again.
My phone says

I have managed to get CWM back onto my phone( yay!) and have searched for an RUU but i dont think there is one for this phone. Could you give me a step by step way to recover this phone please thanks! I think my recovery went when i flashed recovery.img ( i was a noob but am much used to HTCS) which probably reset it. So could u give me a step by step guide or just general tips please.
This happened when i formatted the data cache and system
OK, I know what's happened now: formatting data and cache is equivalent to a factory reset, but system is where the ROM lives. So formatting system erases the phone's operating system, and that's why it goes straight to recovery.

So you need a new ROM. As you have a custom recovery, I'd be tempted to try installing a custom ROM rather than using an RUU. The best place to find ROMs is probably XDA-developers. I can see a number of ROMs there which you could choose from. There's also a guide thread there, the second post of which concerns flashing ROMs.

The general procedure is that you need to use fastboot to flash the boot image for the ROM, then flash the ROM (surprises me slightly - I'd have done it the other way round). So to install the kernel, download the boot.img you need (the right one for the ROM) and then:

fastboot flash boot boot.img

To install the ROM, copy to the SD card, go into CWM, do a factory reset (data and cache are enough) select the "install from card" option, select the ROM, install it. Then reboot the phone and you should be OK.

Don't worry if the first boot after installing a ROM is slower than usual, as it will have to rebuild the dalvik cache.

I'm afraid I can't recommend a particular ROM because I don't own a Desire C, so have never used any of these ROMs.
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Fixed thanks for all the help i fixed by flahsing the stock rom and fastbooting the boot.img many thanks for the help!