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Help - Camera not functioning

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by richfei, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. richfei

    richfei Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Had the Triumph for awhile now. Recently camera stopped functioning i.e selected basic camera app and it would force close. Tried alternate camera apps but they also cannot connect to the camera. Recently rooted and installed MTDev-CM7. Tried basic camera app again but no luck. Also tried a number of apps and still cannot access the camera. Is there any way to reset the camera or essentially get it working again ?

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  2. Devon is Cool

    Devon is Cool Member

    try do do a factry reset on your phone.... i dont know if that will work. thats just my suggestion or put it back on stock rom
  3. buzzcon

    buzzcon Android Enthusiast

    Re-download and re-flash the ROM. But be sure to:

    1. Do a Factory Reset/Wipe.
    2. Clear Cache
    3. Wipe Dalvik Cache

    Before flashing.

    You could have a corrupt download for some reason.
  4. Tokens210

    Tokens210 Android Expert

    As far as I know the MTDev-Cm7 has fully functional cameras, so as buzzcon said redownloading, rewiping, and reflashing should fix any issues, but since I do recall issues where a broken camera from one rom can carry to another if things arnt wiped correctly

    Worst case you can goto 100% stock and reset everything, cause if the camera still doesn't work after that there may be a hardware issue
  5. richfei

    richfei Newbie
    Thread Starter

    A few questions before I get going

    1) For a factory reset, is this correct ?

    Press and hold the POWER key and both volume keys
    Continue to hold all 3 keys until an exclamation point and a little green android robot appear
    Press the HOME key to display the menu
    Navigate using the volume keys
    Select Wipe data/factory reset
    Use the BACK key to select
    Scroll down to Yes delete all user data
    Use the BACK key to select
    Select reboot system now

    2) Is there any point in reformatting the microSD as well
    i.e format in windows to FAT or something ?

    3) Also after a factory reset, is it still rooted or do I have to go through that again, before putting back CM7 ?
  6. Tokens210

    Tokens210 Android Expert

    1. I've never had to reset using the factory recovery so someone else may be of help there

    2. Yes you can reformat into fat32 if you wish, reformatting microsd has fixed issues for others in the past, remember to back it up cause reformatting wipes it

    3. Yes you would need to reroot, but cm7 is pre-rooted so if ur putting that on then there's no need
  7. richfei

    richfei Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I should have mentioned, I had problems with the camera before flashing to CM7
    I thought CM7 would fix it
    It didn't

    I did what was suggested above
    I redownloaded latest version of CM7. Wiped cache and did factory reset and reinstalled CM7. Tried the camera again. Didn't work

    I reverted to the original stock rom (with all the Virgin bloatware)

    I tried the camera again
    I get a dialog saying 'The application Camera (process.com.android.camera) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again'

    I'm stuck now as to what to do
    It doesn't look good that it's back to stock and it's not working
    Phone is out of warranty I believe, so I can't return it

    Is this likely to be a hardware issue ?
    As I said, the camera used to function and was ok for months

    Anything else I can try ?
  8. livehifi

    livehifi Lurker

    Just a heads up, I just started getting this today. (Was using camera yesterday!)

    VERY strange we both get it the same day, and for the first time ever here.

    Anyway, good news is CM9 has no camera support, so now we can justify going over to it!

    Bad news is... no fcking camera T_T

    EDIT: Here is what I have done
    Soft wipe, flashed latest CM7dev
    Hard wipe, flashed latest CM7dev over blank partitions
    Hard wipe, flashed stock-deodexed over blank partitions

    No success =/
  9. buzzcon

    buzzcon Android Enthusiast

    You guys are missing a step.

    1. Do a Factory Reset/Wipe.
    2. Clear Cache
    3. Wipe Dalvik Cache*

    *In recovery, scroll down to "Advanced" and select "Clear Dalvik Cache". Do this every time you flash a new ROM.
  10. richfei

    richfei Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Sure. I can try that, but if it's already returned to stock and I'm still getting an error, then how is wiping this dalvik cache likely to help ?
  11. Tokens210

    Tokens210 Android Expert

    Cause the dalvik cache holds data for certain apps, so if you have never wiped it before there's a chance if it was something you flashed that "broke" the camera then there's atleast a small chance that it may be stuck in there effecting it still

    Its worth a shot, everytime I install a rom or anything really I always do the 4 clears

    1.wipe data/factory reset
    2.wipe cache
    3.wipe dalvik cache
    4.wipe battery stats

    But since you've done everything else clearing the dalvik cache is easy enough and can't hurt
  12. richfei

    richfei Newbie
    Thread Starter

    didn't work. oh well dud camera
  13. richfei

    richfei Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Just reviving this thread
    If I can't get the camera functioning it looks like I have to resort to a new phone
    If I got another Triumph could I activate it on my VM account and still be grandfathered in on the old $25 plan and keep the same number also then deactivate the old phone with no issues ? Sorry haven't done this in a long time
  14. MikeRL

    MikeRL Android Enthusiast

    May want to call VM on that one. If they don't want to give it to you, you have options. Say you'll ditch them, but try to be nice as you can about it (if you want to switch carriers) and see what they say. Sometimes it may take a little muscle to get them talking, like any company. I know I've gotten replacement Triumphs and my plan got messed up before. But first, be nice and helpful, trust me they deal with plenty of jerks all day, anyone with a tech support job does, no matter where they're from. Not to pick on them, but because people hate dealing with those who don't have English as their first language, those poor Indians are essentially punching bags that some rude customers use for anger with corporate policies. Not going to get any deeper in this, but I've found that if you treat them with respect, they should transfer your plan. Anything obnoxious they may do is a reflection of them being forced to enforce rules from higher up. Life sucks, especially for those guys. Since everyone (myself included) hates dealing with tech support, we must place blame at the top, not at some worker who is just glad to get a job. I wouldn't say this, but there has been a thread recently making fun of them. I'm not going to bring up a locked thread to rekindle the flames, but we can learn from it. Respect them. A bunch of them are essentially as knowledgeable or on the path to knowledge just like MTDEV and many of us were a while ago. Nobody is born with knowledge, but across cultures, there are people who wish to learn. Would be nice if our phone was used (or had a sister phone in China or India), imagine all the extra brainpower we could tap into for the common good. We'd all be winners. Not picking on anyone here. I am trying to bring the subject to peace once and for all. Off topic aside, they should give you your old phone's plan. Just be patient with them.
  15. ecarlson

    ecarlson Well-Known Member

    Yes, you can use the VM web site to switch, for free, to any of the grandfathered phones and stay on the $25 plan if you are already on it, but you can only switch once per day. So you can switch to another Triumph, an Optimus V, an Optimus Slider, or one of the other grandfathered phones (and some have been able to switch to an Optimus Elite, even though it isn't officially on the grandfathered list, though it did come out right around the time of the change).

    Of course, active (aka, switch to) the new phone before installing a new ROM on it, because you need the stock ROM to activate.
  16. ramoscali323

    ramoscali323 Lurker

    So my phone is doing the same thing I have restored to factory setting cleared data and caches but nothing and don't know how to do any of that other stuff pllllleeeeaaassseee help me :'( I NEED MY CAMERA :'(

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