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help cant update my phone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by arcangelz, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. arcangelz

    arcangelz Lurker
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    Hey guys, so recently i rooted my phone and i decided to unroot my phone from the SuperSu app, i checked if i was rooted or not on the one app called root checker, so it said i wasnt rooted, so then i rebooted the phone , then i went to the system update thing on the settings and clicked install the system update called 'LS740zv5_07-LS740zv6_01_update.zip" so then i did and it rebooted it self after it was done... so after that i went over to see if it was updated and it wasnt.. it kept showing me a system update on my notifications bar... is it any way to update my phone???

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  2. Curtis1973

    Curtis1973 Android Expert

    even though you are no longer rooted. you have at some point changed the system by removing bloat apps or some other change that the scripting in the update checks. it sees changes and aborts the update. if you were rooted with twrp theres no reason to not just flash our zv6 packed roms. there is a zv6 full odexed rom by kwknott and there is a fully customized zv6 stock rom i put together that is an option as well. youll save yourself a lot of headaches by going that route versus the update pushes that could put you in a boot loop if you keep trying to install them.

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