HELP! Change default Google Voice language?


My default Google Assistant language on my account is set to English Philippines (for some unknown reason!) and I want to change it to my native speaking language English UK so that I can actually use Google Assistant. According to my account online, my language is set up as English UK but I simply cannot use Google Assistant because it's 'not currently supported in English Philippines'. I have tried all sorts from logging into Google online and clearing all the apps data on my phone. As I cannot use Bixby in the UK on my Galaxy S8, Google Assistant is something that I really need access to. There is not an option in this app for me to be able to change my default Assistant anguage. I've seen online that people say you need to ask it to talk to you in the language you want to change to, that doesn't work. It just does a web search. Search language is already set up as English UK this has made no difference. It's really frustrating me and I need it for work! If anyone can help me, this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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