Root HELP! CM7.2 no internet.


Hi i need some help. i had my phone rooted and flashed with a ROM a long time ago and i have been using it on metroPCS. I have always had 1x internet speed but then i went to a metro store and asked to see if they can change my plan and set it to 3G and they told me that i do not have to change my plan and that i should already have 3G on a Rooted phone. i went home and started doing research and found a way to edit my CDMA settings with CDMA workshop and QPST Configuration. after playing with the settings now i dont even have 1x anymore :( . so i decided to flash my phone. I now have CM7.2 on it and my texting and calling works fine but my internet is still not working. is there a way to get into the CDMA settings using CDMA or QPST ? i cant enter ##DIAG## mode either. Also sometimes the 3G apears next to my signal strength but i still dont get any internet. Is there a better ROM to flash my phone to?

Someone please help