Jun 8, 2010
The Play store is literally flooded with apps that pretend to give you a room/indoor temperature. The authors of these apps lie in the app's description and users who are not technically minded (the vast majority) think they've got the real thing.

I mean how can an app know the temperature of your room? Do phones have a sensor for measuring the room temperature? The answer is simply NO, they do NOT.

99.99% of all smartphones do not have that kind of sensor. For the CPU, yes, not for the environment. As far as I know, the last phone that had a thermometer sensor was Samsung Galaxy Note 3 back in 2013.

These "developers" are therefore liars. If you have any sense of justice, you can't allow these fake developers to get away with it. The title of these apps is misleading and the description is deceptive. The apps obviously generate random readings, all in the range of 20 - 25°C or so. Put your phone in the freezer, you will see how fake it is.

I have reported at least twenty of these apps to Google so far, but since I'm probably the only one reporting it, they will ignore me. That's why I'm here now, asking you to download as many of these apps as possible, test them (if you don't believe me) and:

1. rate them with 1 star
2. leave a comment as to why you are rating them with only one star
3. report them to Google (the 3-dot button in the top right corner - Flag as inappropriate / Other objection / Comment)

Most of them (if not all) come from India and Pakistan. They are probably all from the same "developers", as they look very similar and have almost identical app's description.

Unfortunately, there's many more of them..
Most of the reviews seem fake as well.
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i am definitely not downloading and installing these apps. i will however, report and give bad ratings for them when i can.

the problem with these types of apps is that they may also contain malware (most likely in the form of adware).