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Root Help! Deleted my launcher with Titanium Backup and now phone doesn't work!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tballa4rizzzle, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. tballa4rizzzle

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    Jul 30, 2012

    Jul 30, 2012
    Hey there everyone. I have a My Touch Q LG-C800. I believe that I might have bricked my phone but I was on a couple different web sites stating that if you can still factory reset your android phone you should be alright.

    So let me explain how it happened.. First I rooted my My Touch Q, everything was running perfectly then I thought I wanted to do more since I thought woah! rooting was so easy and I used "SuperOneClickv2.3.3" to root my phone, so it was really easy.. lol but ya then I started to use "Titanium Backup" since I really hated having all those other stocked apps on your phone, figured it could help boost the speed of my slowww My Touch Q. Opened up Titanium Backup and went to the system apps, I first stored the apps that I thought I still might need to my micro sd card, then after finished backing up those apps, I then uninstalled the apps that I found was unneeded. After I finished backing up and uninstalling all the unneeded apps I figured that hey! I backed everything up and I should be perfectly fine to do anything else now!! So I went to the market (Play) and downloaded "Rom manager"..

    So then I downloaded rom manager and it had and option to find a rom online and I chose the rom with the most download cause I thought it should be the best choice to make. I click on it and I forgot what it was called (I connected my phone to my laptop and am able to get the phone into usb storage mode, microsdcard/clockworkmod/download/download.cyanogenmod.com/get/update-cm-7.1.0-Z71-signed.zip and microsdcard/clockworkmod/download/download2.clockworkmod.com/gapps/gapps-gb-20110828-signed.zip-- I'm not too sure what this means but it could be of help). then after clicking on the rom to download it then gave me a lists of versions to download I of course chose the stable version. (sucks that I can't remember what rom I actually download..) after I downloaded it it told me to back up my rom.. so I thought it'd back up everything from the phone. (I know I should have done my research before proceeding..) after backing up the phone.. it just did like a factory reset on my phone.. and I mean that was fine but the main problem is that after it had the basic tips tutorial and all that jazz and intro to stuff for the phone, I chose to skip all that stuff because I've restored my phone plenty of times.

    But this time was different I clicked next and after that it wouldn't let me go to my phones like "home" and when I clicked the home button it download go to the home screen. Like the notification is still there just not that bottom part, it's just black there and I can't click anything there. Although I can drag the notification bar down and stuff. and lock screen works fine.

    So I think my phones still not bricked.. but I'm having a hard time figuring out how to get the "default launcher" back.. on to the phone because I remember I had uninstalled it from my phone because I was using a different launcher "adw launcher or adw freak launcher, one of the two". I btw did back the default launcher with Titanium Backup, the default launcher is "com.lge.launcher-380e147c617387bc38cabec97baa8437.apk.gz"

    If there is anyone out there that could possibly help me fix my phone that would be very much appropriated :) My girl friend had bought me this very phone for me because I have been using the gravity t for sooooo long lol and it hasn't been working well the touch screen it had had totally mess up. Anyways have a wonderful night everyone!



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