Sep 11, 2011
Hi, I need some help urgently. I have a 4 month old unrooted Desire on t-mobile, updated to Gingerbread and running GoLauncherEx, with approx 30mb of memory remaining. It's well looked after, has a screen protector and gel case and hasn't been dropped, wetted etc.

Yesterday, whilst I was using it I noticed an occasional "flickering" - bright white horizontal lines randomly appearing on the screen. Initially I put it down to electrical interference of some sort - there were storm clouds outside and my washing machine was running (not sure if this is even possible, I'm not a techie!). However, it quickly got worse, more lines appearing until the screen greyed out completely. Now I'm getting all sorts of random effects - "snowy" screen, black, multiple lines, etc.

At first I thought it might be a problem with the screen. The phone still receives calls and I've noticed that, when I can see, it is sort of working, albeit very slowly. I am occasionally able to interact with it, but this is very limited, the screen is mostly unresponsive. The phone is also switching the screen off very quickly - it was set to timeout after 2 mins, but now doing so in less than 30 secs. Just once it appeared to return to normal operation, but this lasted around 1 minute. I'm currently unable to do much more than turn it on and off!

I've tried turning it off, taking out the battery, but this makes no difference. I turned it off overnight in the vain hope it would return to normal this morning, but no joy.

Any suggestions or help would be most gratefully appreciated.
As you haven't been "messing" and rooting around with your phone, this seems to me a warranty issue... I'm not a specialist, but this sounds like a hardware failure to me...
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no, certainly haven't been messing with the phone, other than downloading a few apps from the market and generally improving the visuals with GoLauncher and a custom clock maker. I'm still discovering what it can do - I looked at rooting when I started to get low on space but settled for removing a few unnecessary apps and downloading the gingerbread update instead!

It's still practically unresponsive, if anything worse than before. Was hoping it is a hardware problem (can't think of anything I've added that would cause this). I shall trot along to my nearest t-mobile branch tomorrow to see what they say - I'm presuming it'll be covered under warranty...