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Help.. Droid Eris 2.1 reboot problem..

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by massimo324, May 18, 2010.

  1. massimo324

    massimo324 Lurker
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    Downloaded official 2.1 file from droid-life.com. Renamed to update.zip, put on SDcard, powered phone off, restarted phone by pressing volume down then power button, recovery screen appeared, pressed volume up to go to recovery, phone started up (3 skateboarding androids), then triangle/warning/android man screen appeared, pressed home & power button at same time - as instructions said - And Nothing happened!

    1) I did have a version of 2.1 leaked on the phone (don't know version). Would this be a problem, even though the 2.1 version on phone was loaded thru another SDcard, on not on the SDcard that is currently in phone? (only 2.1 version on card is official).

    2) Am I suppossed to hold the power/home button down longer than 30 seconds?

    3) This is a concession line, so can Verizon re-flash 1.5 or 2.1 on the phone, if I send it back to Verizon? (VRW stores do not deal with concession lines, so I can't go there).

    Thanks for any help... please don't flame...did some forum research, but didn't come across a perfect answer for this situation... maybe should have never added 2.1 and waited fir official update...

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