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Support Help Droid X keepps restarting

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by chazz894, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. chazz894

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    Aug 15, 2011

    Aug 15, 2011
    I have had this issue on 2 lines on my account I started with the HTC droid incredible and after me and my daughter both replaced that phone 7 times in less then 6 mounts and the last 4 was in less then 30 days Verizon offered us the Droid X as a replacement for that device. I was hoping that changing to another manufacturer would fix the issue.

    Now in less then 3 weeks one of the droid x's will no longer power on it will get to the red driod symbol and then power back off. The other one has restarted itself 4-5 times on several apps so the apps are not the issue that I can seem to find and also when it is just sitting on my table and no one has gone near it.

    I did the factory reset on the HTC phones and also have looked at the apps on the 2 phones me and my daughter made sure that we pick's apps that were similar in function but not made by the same Co that way we could rule out a problem with a specific app, still the problem persist.

    We charge the phones in different ways I use the USB cable connected to my computer to charge my phone she uses the wall plug to charge hers. We sync to different computers with different OS's on them one windows 7 the other Mac OS X. The only constant I have found is the 2 phones run about the same OS. I contacted Verizon Tech Support today and after advising them of the issue and being told again that it is not a problem that they get lots of calls about I was directed to Motorola for this issue, and told if Motorola was unable to help me with some type of software fix to call Verizon back.

    I called Motorola tech support for phones and after i was sent to teir 2 tech support motorola was unable to assist me with the problem and wanted me to send my phone to them and have a engineer look at it. i was told i wold not ave access to my phone for 5-7 days after they received it. I had them transfer me to verizion to see what they would be able to do and i again did a factory reset on the phone and did not sync it with any backup to restore contacts and still have the same issues.

    Does anyone have any sugestions on what to do tofix this issue.


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