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help emulators on htc incredible

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Alexlock, May 30, 2010.

  1. Alexlock

    Alexlock Newbie
    Thread Starter

    (ok sorry if its in the wrong places.....it seemed like it was ok )

    so i just saw this vid YouTube - GBA,NES,SNES,SEGA Emulator for Android feat. touch screen control

    and well the guy has the gameboy emulator on his cell and iwas wondering

    if some one can like walk me threw on how to obtain them im kinda stupid or a noob how you guys say when it comes to stuff like this (i thought my droid was rooted when i got helix launcher )

    he has another vid on how to get the paid version for free but like will that mess up my cell cuz i did serching on here and a couple of you guys say that it can even brick it if its not done right

    so can like some one suggest a sticky or something all i want is to play Pokemon
    and super mario lol

    so plz:D

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  2. jasperwill

    jasperwill Android Enthusiast

    goto the app store and find gameboid
    i cant watch the video kuz im at work right now. but thats the emulator im using for gameboy advanced roms. it works great. it even has a find roms part of the program that sends you to a website to download them from.
  3. Alexlock

    Alexlock Newbie
    Thread Starter

    the lite version of it or the full ?

    nvm i got the lite vers.....should i Download them form the cell itself or go on the computer ?
  4. jasperwill

    jasperwill Android Enthusiast

    the lite version is what im using. it doesnt give you the ability to save at any moment. but it allows you to save the game just like you would on a real GBA. i was playing pokemon for awhile and as long as i used the in game save and load option it worked perfectly.
    if you want to be able to save and load at any moment then you should get the full version. but definitly try out the lite one first to make sure it works well for you.
  5. jasperwill

    jasperwill Android Enthusiast

    it will help to know that things you download are saved to /emmc/download by default.
    for when you have downloaded roms to try out.

    you can also download roms onto your computer and then copy them to your phone using your usb cable.
  6. Alexlock

    Alexlock Newbie
    Thread Starter

    ok thanks man....let me give it a try

    if not can i PM you ?
  7. jasperwill

    jasperwill Android Enthusiast


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