Help finding the regular android launcher


Hi I cant find my regular android launcher. I was hoping to use this. However I can find my launcher pro and htc sense launchers. Thanks for any help
I'd like to know too. Seen videos showing how to switch it...but when I do, sense and launcherpro are the only options I stock.
ok on home screen press
manage applications
(you can go to running to make it easier) find launcher pro
scroll down a little
it says launch by default click CLEAR DEFAULTS

then its back to normal ;)


Android Expert
People, it's gone. It was removed/disabled with 2.1 update 1.47.651.1; It is still gone with 2.2 Froyo.
It has come up 3 other times in the last 2 days in individual topics (see below). And mentioned countless other times in other unrelated threads. Not to mention the hemming and hawing about it a month ago when 1.47.651.1 was released.

You can root and flash a ROM that includes it to get it back if it is that important to you.