May 18, 2011
i have a droidx. great phone so far. went to a concert last night and recorded a few songs in hd video. downside is when i went to play em back all i got was the high end and midrange. all the bass drums and everything low is either REALLY low or cut out. i used the camcorder app that came on the phone. it was set to concert and im not sure if thats why it cut it out or i did something else wrong. any ideas on if or how to correct it. buddies band did a great performance and it sucks the sound got screwed up cause the video is good. also any suggestions on other video recording apps or settings for the stock would great.
You are using a cell phone camera, the quality isnt going to be that great. If you want good quality, you need to use a real camcorder. And even then, most camcorders dont have good mics, and wont record a loud concert very well.