Nov 2, 2020
Hi guys

I'm trying to flash a GSI for my Blackview A80Pro device but I'm having a bit of a challenge.

First, I confirmed with the Project Treble checker app that my phone supports it, and that my phone is A only. So I downloaded A only GSIs. Basically, the steps for flashing i got from various sources summed up to these:
1. Reset phone to factory settings/wipe data, cache, dalvik partitions
2. Reboot into bootloader
3. Erase system partition
4. Flash GSI with fastboot/TWRP
5. Reboot

I've tried this several times with 3 different GSIs and all 3 gave the same outcome; bootloops. The manufacturer's logo comes on, then it goes dark/off, the logo comes on again, goes off...and the cycle continues (I don't know if 'bootloop' is the right term)

I tried something funny and I want to share it with you. Maybe you can help if I give that information. I fixed the phone with SP Flash tool. I flashed my stock ROM again. So I decided to erase my stock system partition and flash the same system.img in my stock ROM compressed file that I've extracted. And guess what. Another boot loop.

And for the TWRP, I've tried all the ways on the internet to make it able to mount my data and internal storage partitions but none is working. Repairing, formatting, etc. I even formatted the data partition with fastboot and TWRP was unable to mount the partitions.

Even with installing TWRP recovery, it only worked after I had successfully installed magisk on the device by flashing the magisk patched boot image with fastboot. It's like somehow my other partitions refuse to be touched.
Recovery couldn't be touched until I had flashed a patched boot. I know there's a solution out there but I don't know what it is.

So my conclusion, it has nothing to do with the GSIs. The issue is something like an encryption on the partitions. I have googled for so many hours trying to find someone who has had an issue similar to mine but no one seems to have experienced anything like that. I don't know if you can suggest something I've not tried yet but I would be very grateful if you do that for me. Please help me out if you can. Thanks in advance